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Now Offering a Tactical Concealed Carry Course!

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Welcome to 181 Firearms Training. It is our mission to provide our students with up-to-date and relevant information, along with hands on training in the use of firearms.

We are currently offering a Texas Concealed Handgun License class. The class and pistol qualification will be held at A Place to Shoot, located on the south side of San Antonio.

The following is a short note from the owner, Allan Houck, regarding his goals for the business and some of his own philosophy regarding firearms and training.

I founded 181 Firearms Training with two goals in mind. The first goal was to bring high quality training, developed from from real life and personal experiences to the South Texas area. The second goal was to do so in a classroom and range environment that is customer friendly regardless of the skill level of the student.

It is my personal philosophy that pistols and rifles are not weapons. They are just tools, nothing more and nothing less. The true weapon is the person holding the firearm. It should be said though that just because you give a man a hammer doesn't mean he is a carpenter, and likewise just because you give a man a firearm doesn't mean he is a weapon capable of defending his home, himself, or his loved ones. In order to be capable of protecting the things dear to him, he must first learn how to effectively use the tools at his disposal, just as a carpenter must learn how to use his hammer. It is my mission to provide that training and capability regardless of a students previous experience level. We all must take that first step somewhere and I invite you to learn how to be a more effective weapon with 181 Firearms Training.

                                                                                                        Allan K. Houck